Benefits at Health Futures

Discover the perks of being part of the Health Futures team.
*Benefits described below only apply to eligible employees working in Canada.

Health and wellness

  • Group medical benefits
  • Mental health days
  • Health Check app that offers personalized health insights
  • Social meetups with the team members

Work/life balance

  • Flexible paid time off
  • Up to 12 weeks of paid time off
  • 100% remove working

Team member allowance

  • Wellness reimbursement: Receive 100% reimbursement for annual memberships to wellness apps like Headspace and Calm
  • Hardware allowance: Receive support to set up your home office for remote work
  • We cover expenses for visits to client sites, allowing our employees to learn more about the healthcare domain
  • Reimbursements towards courses completed for upskilling*
    *Reimbursements for courses subject to prior review and approval.

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion


We celebrate the uniqueness of each person, whether you're an employee, contractor or consultant. We believe diversity goes beyond gender, ethnicity, or age—it includes all the different ways people experience life. Whether it's your background, beliefs, or experiences, we value what makes you, you.



Inclusion is about making everyone feel welcome and valued. When people from all walks come together, it sparks creativity and drives progress. At Health Futures, we're committed to creating a workplace where everyone is respected and treated fairly. We believe in equal opportunities for all and won't tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment.


Our Values

We support employees in taking responsibility, celebrate diversity by fostering an inclusive environment, prioritize empathy to understand others deeply, and encourage continuous learning to consistently deliver great work and innovate together.

Taking responsibility

We support our employees in owning their work and facing challenges head-on. This makes them feel responsible and fulfilled while coming up with creative ideas that impress our clients.

Celebrating diversity

We welcome different perspectives and create an inclusive environment where every employee feels valued. This diversity of ideas helps us solve problems in unique and effective ways.

Understanding others

We focus on empathy, which helps us connect with people—including our clients—on a deeper level. This understanding inspires us to think creatively and address real-world problems with care and consideration.

Continuous learning

We think it's important to always try to get better at what we do. By encouraging our employees to stay committed and curious, we can continue to deliver great work and are always ready to try new things and grow together.

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