Healthcare data done right

ATLASᵀᴹ is an AI-driven data analytics platform designed specifically for the healthcare sector.

It’s easy and quick to deploy and can seamlessly operate within Health Futures’ cloud or your own cloud infrastructure. This platform helps organizations use their data in transformative ways, supporting all major data exchange protocols to securely store, harmonize, and analyze data for generating critical insights.

ATLASᵀᴹ excels in managing aggregated and anonymous data, ensuring compliance with North American data privacy laws to protect patient information.

Insights generated from ATLASᵀᴹ can be easily delivered to both  B2B and B2C platforms, like EMRs, SaaS products, and custom in-house apps, to drive better decision-making and improve operational efficiencies. This makes it easier for healthcare organizations to make better decisions and improve their services.

The ATLASᵀᴹ Advantage

As healthcare continues to evolve with new technologies and changing patient needs, having a robust analytics tool is more important than ever. ATLASᵀᴹ helps organizations adapt to these changes, making it easier to manage complex data and technology systems with simplicity and effectiveness.

At Health Futures, we truly understand the value of clean, structured data. In healthcare, not all data comes that way. ATLASᵀᴹ offers built-in features that transform your paper or PDF workflows into digital workflows. By extracting data from these workflows, ATLASᵀᴹ provides a leg up in your data journey.

Big data power

Easily handle large data volumes while sourcing data from varied sources.

Faster onboarding

Quickly onboard tech teams for faster policy implementation.

Data control

Maintain control of data governance and compliance with complete tracking and transparency throughout the data processing cycle.

Technology interoperability

Use cloud-native technology for greater interoperability and faster deployments while leveraging your existing organizational skillsets.

Cost savings

Free up your resources from tedious manual activities and drive operations efficiencies.

Leadership focus

Let healthcare leaders focus on strategy while ATLASᵀᴹ cuts through technical complexities to provide clear, actionable insights.

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