Medavie enhances mental health analytics for new digital platform to gain deeper insights with Health Futures’ feasibility study

Published on:
May 29, 2024
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Medavie, a Canadian not-for-profit health solutions partner, integrates benefits management, health management, and healthcare delivery. It oversees Medavie Blue Cross, an all-in-one benefits carrier and public health program administrator.

Additionally, it manages Medavie Health Services, the largest contracted provider of emergency management services and a national primary healthcare solutions organization in Canada.

In spring 2024, Medavie launched Perkk Check, a digital platform that uses facial scan technology to provide personalized health insights to individuals. The platform aims to help people proactively manage their physical and mental health risks through continuous monitoring and risk analysis.

The Challenge

Following the launch of Perkk Check, Medavie wanted to enhance the platform with advanced analytics and explore potential AI use cases based on the existing data collected by their systems.

Doing this would involve integrating additional datasets with their raw dashboard data to identify key trends and patterns. The ultimate goal was to improve their analytics and generate actionable insights.

The Solution

In 2023, Medavie partnered with Health Futures to spearhead a feasibility study. 

In phase one, Health Futures’ in-house medical clinical expert and data scientist collaborated closely with Medavie to assess the possibility of integrating advanced analytics into Perkk Check and examine their existing data models to pinpoint potential focus areas for quality output.

Building upon this foundation, Health Futures transitioned to phase two to carry out the comprehensive feasibility study, focusing on mental health analytics at both individual and group levels.

At the group level, the concept was to provide a general risk score to end-users derived from aggregated data. Meanwhile, at the individual level, they wanted to produce specific results based on user-specific data gathered through Perkk Check's scanning technology.

The Outcome

The feasibility study concluded with impressive results, which caught Medavie's interest and sparked enthusiasm for moving to phase three. 

In this crucial phase, Health Futures will create a proof of concept using the collected data to develop an interface that integrates advanced algorithms and statistical models. This step is essential for validating the effectiveness of the proposed measures, setting the stage for the project's future success.

Looking ahead to phase four, the focus will be on seamlessly integrating advanced mental health analytics into Perkk Check. This addition will make the platform even better by giving users deep insights into their own health journeys. It's another step forward for Medavie in its mission to provide comprehensive health solutions for everyone, a mission that we are all deeply committed to.


Summary of remote tasks completed by the Health Futures team:

Project leadership

  • Led the project as the client-side project manager and process lead, making sure everything stayed on track for successful completion.

Project management

  • Made sure everyone understood the project milestones.
  • Conducted a detailed review of the client’s needs and objectives.
  • Verified what end-users required from the project.
  • Developed the study's scope and key objectives.

Team assembly

  • Brought together a highly specialized team of professionals and medical experts to execute the study.


  • Produced a comprehensive feasibility report.
  • Assisted in creating a pitch deck to gain support from senior stakeholders.

Health Futures is a forward-thinking, innovative company that demonstrated strong expertise in AI. Their skills and experience in the Canadian healthcare industry is valuable as we look to bring new, advanced solutions to this market. The team was a pleasure to work with and look forward to continuing our relationship."

– Melanie Yeung, Director of Digital Products, Medavie


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