Streamline healthcare with our integration platform

HEX is a healthcare systems integration platform that enables seamless data flow for healthcare organizations that might be using different protocols.

By simplifying communication, HEX streamlines the management of partnerships, revenue, and compliance while focusing on improving the patient experience.

Trusted by healthcare organizations, HEX lets you:

  • Seamlessly integrate any system
    with speed and reliability.
  • Efficiently create custom
    interfaces at scale.
  • Easily manage your interfaces, whether
    in the cloud or on-premise.

The HEX Advantage

Integration between multiple healthcare technology systems is one of the most commonly identified challenges faced by large organizations. This challenge is mainly due to the complexity of the systems being integrated, the different protocols they use, and the volume of data being transferred. In addition, compliance with privacy regulations and cybersecurity guidelines can further complicate the integration process.

With HEX, all of these aspects of integration are addressed through one seamless and easy-to-deploy platform.

Resource flexibility

Supports business leaders to confidently pursue new initiatives without concerns about IT resources holding them back.

Increase policy rollouts

Enables quick onboarding of multiple stakeholder technology teams, speeding up the rollout of healthcare policies.

Data control

Lets organizations control their individual data governance needs and compliance policies.

Streamlined networking

Reduces the number of point-to-point integrations between healthcare organizations.

Faster integrations

Speeds up the process for implementing new integrations with both existing and new partners

Cost savings

Lowers IT costs for implementing new systems and maintaining existing integrations.


Our technology is built on tried and tested standards and cloud-based systems to ensure different tools work together smoothly, reducing isolated or "siloed" setups.

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